Grading system frustrates users

Josie Spivey, Staff

The school district replaced the previous grading system known as HAC, Home Access Center and implemented a new one called Teams. HAC was a simple system that was easy for teachers, students and parents to access.

This new system, however, is not so popular. The district established this system without the kinks and bugs being fully worked out, therefore there is a struggle in learning how to using Teams.

Teachers have trouble submitting grades due to glitches and haven’t been able to help students and parents learn to use it because they themselves do not understand it well enough.

“It has flaws. It’s hard to judge something when it’s just starting out. Not many people know how to use it,” Mr. Jeffrey Anderson said.

Students have also found Teams to be a challenge when trying to access their grades.

“Teams is not as clear and concise as HAC was,” senior Jadon Turner said.

There are those in the district currently trying to fix these issues and have said eventually this system should be able to not only show one’s grades, but one’s decile, rank, and GPA.

“While we’ve had many struggles switching over to the Teams system, we are hopeful it will be operating at 100% and easy to use in the near future,” counselor’s assistant  Mrs. Kari Schriewer said.