Senior Portraits

New Company offers different options for students

Arely Garcia, Staff

Seniors took portraits in August at school before the school year began. Most were unable to attend senior picture day with less than half of the seniors taking their pictures.

Students were given many options of photos to choose from with an additional $15, while yearbook photos and one picture with cap and gown were free.

“I’m glad we were given a variety to choose from,” senior Yves Vasquez said. “I can choose which one I look better in.”

Females dressed in a drape to hold around their shoulders while the males are given a tuxedo. These photos will be shown on graduation day.

“I think it is better because we are wearing the same thing and it looks nice like that,” Yves says, “especially when we graduate, they put our photos up and we’re all matching.”

Most seniors consider their portraits important as they hold valuable memories.

“I hope they hold the memories of our last years of childhood,” senior Oscar Vazquez said, “and the memories of all the hardships and fun we had.”

Retake dates are November 12 and 13 in the library will be available if any senior missed out on taking their photo in August. Those who did not like their photo will get another opportunity to redo their photo.

“It’s my last year and I want to remember how good it was,” senior Kathy Garcia said.