Win Sparks Confidence

Yves Vasquez, Staff

The football team will be kicking off their first home game on Friday, September 14th against Foster High School.

The Falcons are located in the city of Richmond and currently holds a state ranking of 116 while Magnolia West has a state ranking of 141.

This does not pose as a challenge for senior Noah Sigler.

“If we play like we did against Brenham, we will for sure come home with a win.”

This confidence sparks from the rigorous practice these players put in.

According to Noah, the best way to practice is to “practice like you play, always go 110%.”

Magnolia West won the first game of the season on Friday, August 31st against Brenham High School.

“The team really came together,” Sigler said.  “I was confident we would win.”

Last Friday, the football team suffered a loss against C.E. King High School. Mustangs were in the lead until the final quarter of the game. The score was close, ending at 40-45.

“When you lose a game that you know you can and should have won it really just makes you feel confused, and it makes you wonder what went wrong,” Noah said.

Most football players have a special connection with their sport. It takes a lot of time and dedication but it is worth it once they get to play on Friday nights.

“Being on the field Friday night is the single best feeling in the world.”