Revist History

Logan Villines

Total War: Thrones of Britannia is a Historical Real Time Strategy based on the time period of 878AD which was the Viking invasion of the British Isles.

If you’ve seen the show Vikings or loved movies with giant armies of knights clashing, then this is for you. Thrones of Britannia (TOB) allows the player to play as several Nordic Tribes.

The playable tribes include The Welsh Kings who were masters of hit and run warfare, their Cavalry masters would be the best with archers. The Anglo-Saxons who were Well rounded and great for newcomers they were not similar to the Gaelic Kings who were suitable for shock infantry and Skirmishers. Finally, the Viking Kings who were great with infantry naval warfare. The Vikings (raiders)  were meant for aggressive players and are personally my favorite faction.

The best part of TOB was the building and recruiting mechanic. As you took control of thousands of men in battle, you also had to manage your cities to keep revolutions from happening and to build for your food to support your troops on the field. When recruiting warriors you must use food and money, they have upkeep which means each in-game year would charge you more money. The warriors you recruit start out with feeble and small numbers, around 100 men but as time goes they grow larger.

The Infantrymen were great for taking the worst of the attacks. These warriors were usually against other infantrymen and archers. Never let cavalry charge these lines or your archers, cavalry makes them look like no threat.

Moving onto the pros and cons of this game. The cons are: if you are impatient this is no game for you, it’s all about strategy and timing. You must wait for buildings to construct and units to be recruited. The game is for Strategists not running and gunning. The game makes you think about your moves and how to counter the enemy, it has a lot of micromanaging.

The pros are: The game has easy to learn mechanics and beautiful graphics. The game also has historical settings that can teach you about many events. TOB is still being updated and improved on.

Though In the end, TOB is a game for Strategists to try. But it’s the third in the TW: SAGA series luckily it doesn’t require you to play the other games.