Here we go again

Testing causes Students to Struggle

Maria Moreno

A standardized test is a test that students take to determine where individuals stand to compare to other students. Some examples of a standardized test are SAT, ACT, STAR, and PSAT. These tests can decide if you pass to the next grade, if you are eligible for college entrance or if you qualify for scholarships.

These types of tests are given to students all over the U.S to test current knowledge and to test their education.

“It is an easy way to test kids and keep it consistent to see how they do,” junior Katherine Hinchley said.

Standardized tests were created with the purpose to help students. However, many people question whether these types of tests really help or hurt in the long run.

“Standardized test affect the lives of students because the test determines the intelligence of the kid, is a piece of paper that determines your level but it doesn’t help us get better,”  junior Yajaira Cruz said.

The tests are unfair since there are kids with special needs that need accommodations. Nonspeaking English students have trouble with the language and if the test is timed, a dictionary will not help in a short period of time.

“Standardized tests are not for everyone as people might not be good under pressure or good test takers in general, not everyone is good at core subjects,” junior Katherine Hinchley said.

Standardized tests do not look at other school efforts such as musical talent or artistic ability.

“Teachers focus more on a standardized test. They do not account for creativity and innovation,” senior Destiny Simon said.

The tests can lead to health issues such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and stomachaches.

“The students get to stress over the test which then this leads to other health issues. Also, this test is not healthy for students because it makes them compete against each other,” Junior Cruz said.

At last Standardized testing is not helpful at all. Teaching time has now become a monotonous test preparation. The lack of creativity during lessons can damage the student’s brain.

“It creates a negative mentality for kids,” junior Katherine Hinchley said.

The overall standardized test does not improve students achievements according to recent studies.