March for our lives

Students Speak Out

Dallas Long

The March For Our Lives movement has been a controversial topic for quite a while now. With the question hanging in the air for gun control, everyone has picked a side on where they stand, including students. Some are all for the ban of all weapons, others only want the big ones gone, and few do not want a ban.

The March For Our Lives movement was created after the mass school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School by the students. The shooting resulted in the death of 17 people and injured 17 more, making it the United States deadliest school shooting. The students took action and confronted congress, asking them to take action on gun control. Since then, there have been peaceful protests, including schools from all over the country doing a walk out in the middle of class. Some students marched on Washington, pleading for a change.

“I believe civilians need guns or else only criminals will have them,” senior Jonathan Condon said. “Current laws just need to be enforced better rather than more laws that will just be ignored.”

A person needs to be 18 to purchase a shotgun or rifles, but 21 to purchase a handgun, according to the Gun Control Act of 1968. However, people can inherit their guns from their parents, no matter their mental health.

“Guns are not the problem. People and education are the problems,” senior Alyssa Boyd said. “As a person who has grown up around guns, and knows how to be safe around them, I have no fear of them. If we educate people on firearms, there will be less fear associated with them. People who are sane, law abiding citizens should be more than capable to purchase a gun if they chose, and those who aren’t should not be allowed to.”

Mental health is a factor in some shootings, but some just hit an all-time low. About 20 percent of teens suffer from depression before they reach adulthood. Depression can be caused by a hereditary gene, too much stress, and even bullying.

This movement was made to open the eyes of the government and show how the students are being affected. It has gained a tremendous amount of attention, even from president Donald Trump himself. However, these things take time with how large congress is. So if you’re all for it, keep your patience and March For Our Lives