Player of the Week: Vikings Game


Sophomore John Matocha, takes a knee to ensure a victory over Bryan.

Jose Rueda , Sports Writer

For game two, Sophomore QB John Matocha did not look good. He was overthrowing receivers left and right.

His response to that? An incredible game in which he had a TD pass, 45 rushing yards, and completed over 60% of his passes. Other players who were very deserving to be player of the game were senior RB Jerry McGrew, and senior FB Austin Melo, but player of the week goes to Matocha for, not only having a great game, but for his response to his game last week.

“That is just something coach really emphasized in practice this week. We worked on it every day. The coaches help me a lot, but really it’s just a full team effort. Everyone contributed, the receivers are running their routes perfectly and they just make it real easy. The line gave me time to. They just made it really easy tonight,” Matocha said. 

John did very well. It is true the line gave him a great amount of time and let him stay in the pocket long enough to call his mom and check on his family. So many of the throws were on the money. John also ran for 45 yards.

“In this game, our line blocked really well, so whenever I scrambled, it was because there were no receivers open. I just see an open lane and go,” Matocha said.

There were many opportunities to run. John showed poise and toughness by running out of bounds to avoid contact or- as he did a few times- trucking the defender if necessary. All of his runs went over 6 yards except for one at the 4-yard line where he was downed at the one-yard line.

One really big thing in the game was the deep ball. Matocha connected on 5 throws over 25 yards plus had one dropped that could’ve easily been a TD.

“First off I keep saying the O-line, but they gave me time today, everything was perfect, I could just sit in the pocket. Also, the wide receivers were running their routes and got wide open, making my job easy just throwing the ball over the top to them. I got to give all the credit to them, I just toss it up there,” Said Matocha.

Obviously, Matocha is a team player. He did throw dimes all night, but he defers to his receivers and linemen giving them loving for their jobs. The balls he threw deep had a great break to them falling only where the receiver could catch it.

As everyone knows West was knocked out by the Vikings the last 2 years in the playoffs. In comes John as a Sophomore to lead his team to beat the Vikings.

“It is really great, but I can’t take the credit for this one. I mean we have so many leaders on the team. Everyone on the team is working their butt off and we are all putting in work this week, not just me,” John said.

Whether John would like to admit it or not. He had a great game and lead that team to destroy the Vikings. This is a Sophomore, meaning he will be here for two more years only getting better and better.

He obviously loves his teammates and respects all the seniors. John is being shaped into a very good leader and great football player and for his performance, he earns the Magnolia West Newspaper Player of the Game.