Same District; New Team

Hunter Hickman , Staff Writer

Snap, just like that a new a coach comes to join the Magnolia West tennis team.

Michael Jones came from Magnolia High for the new year and has high expectations of continuing the tradition of winning that Magnolia West has had over the past few years.  

Not only does Mr. Jones coach tennis but he also teaches many classes at West. Mr. Jones also likes to have a good relationship with his tennis players and students.

“I try to collaborate just like I do in my classes. I try to learn something about the players   so there more than just a tennis player,” said Michael Jones.

During a lot of hard practicing that goes from 1:48 PM to 4:00 PM, the tennis players practice many techniques including serves, returns and the various shots they will make in a match. All this hard work will hopefully pay off, in the end, to get the team off to a good start when in tournaments.  

Practice does not make one think players could have fun, but when they are doing something to help become better, teammates help by using the time to play games to help for matches.  

“Just because its practice and you’re in the heat doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun,” Jones said. 

Coach Jones likes to have fun after practice.

“I think it’s important to have some fun after practices. It’s hot out there and it can kinda be a grind so i’ll always try to come up with something fun to do like a game or something fun to do at the end of practice. So when the students walk off the court I know they had a good time as well as learned something,” Jones said.