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Birdy’s Song
May 16, 2016

Not many students in school know much about the school paper or that the fact the newspaper actually exists, which is worrying to newspaper staff members.

The school newspaper is where all the new and current information on what is happening in the school comes from.

What is sad is not many people know about the school newspaper or just flat out do not care about it.

Many students may remember the newspaper from back in 6th grade when students would go around and hand out the newspaper in an actual paper format, but now that we are online people seem to think that newspaper evaporated off the face of the Earth and it should not be that way.

The students should read the newspaper because it is where students open up, show their writing talent, and express their opinions on an issue that appeals to them.

Students may not care about the newspaper because they think it is “old fashioned” or “lame.” If you would actually read the newspaper, you would most likely become quite interested in the way newspaper students express themselves through different formats such as editorials, news, and sports and such. The school newspaper and the newspaper staff talent deserves to be noticed.

The school newspaper and the newspaper staff’s talent deserve to be noticed.

The newspaper contains all kinds of articles such as editorials, hard news stories, music reviews. Definitely give our newspaper a read because it is very informal and you will probably find out about stuff you did not even know about that was happening at school.