Safety on; Safety first

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Within the past three years, there have been several school shootings within the United States, including the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

Many believe some staff members should be allowed to conceal carry a firearm onto school campuses because if there is an active shooter, the situation can be dealt with accordingly.

Texas Republican Representative from Dallas, Jason Villalba, wrote the bill which allows school districts the opportunity to search for new ways to protect students.  In Texas, 78 of the 1024 school districts are considering the newly proposed Guardian plan.  

Killeen Independent School District in the small town of Killeen, Texas, now allows teachers to carry concealed handguns. The school district will not release which staff members are carrying a firearm on their person.

Designated as Marshalls, certain staff members will be allowed to attend a special training to prevent disasters such as what happened at Sandy Hook.   

Texas school districts have several who have decided this style of protection is the best option for them.  Dallas, Harold, and Wylie are just a few of the seven districts who have taken this idea under their belt in order to protect their students.  

“In order for staff members to carry a firearm on their person, there must be appropriate disciplinary actions must be taken from the assistant principals,” Spanish two and three teacher, Mrs. Bryson said.

There are some teachers  on campus have their Concealed Carry Weapons  (CCW); also known as Concealed Handgun License (CHL).

“I have my CHL/CCW and I do carry a Glock 22 outside of school. I also feel like if I cannot carry it in the building that teachers should be allowed to have their gun in their vehicle because of the Castle Doctrine. The state of Texas allows civilians to carry a firearm in their vehicle without a license, but the [Magnolia] school district does not allow it and it is grounds for termination,“ Bryson said.

The students and staff would be much safer knowing that there were adults trained, and willing to put their lives on the line in the event of an emergency, but there must be rules set in place.

“School shootings can be better contained by arming certain staff members throughout the entire school rather than having two police officers that cannot be everywhere at once.” said junior Emily Phillips.