Birdy’s Song

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April 14, 2016
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November 12, 2015
October 16, 2015

Known for her cover of Bon Iver’s song “Skinny Love,” and earning her almost 1 billion views, 99,686,187 and counting, to be exact, on the video through youtube at the age of 14, Birdy recently released her new album on March 25 called Beautiful Lies.

The English nineteen year old, yes she’s only nineteen, started as a singer/ songwriter, writing at just the age of ten winning a competition on the show, Open Mic Uk in 2008, but then became well known through her music video.

Birdy’s new album, “Beautiful Lies,” consist of soothing, deep, and mesmerizing songs with a pop of different kinds of music she normally doesn’t do.

The content on her new album is a bit different from what she is normally known for which is,  the oh-so-soothing angelic sounding songs.

Now, some of her newer songs have a Florence and The Machine vibe to them and they sound great.

Some of her most popular songs on her new album are “Keeping Your Head Up”, which is the song that that gave off a bit of Florence and the Machine vibe which has an idie sound.

As seen in Wild horses, which is about the end of a relationship through hard times and how the main character looks towards the future, instead of the past and knows that they deserve better.

Beautiful lies, according to is about not accepting change and knowing it has to happen but pretending it will not.

If you really like folk/indie pop/indie music then you will really enjoy Birdy’s music. Birdy’s angelic voice can be enjoyed by just about everyone and she deserves to be heard.

She is one of the best female solo singers out there, and not many people know about her talent and she deserves to be listened to because she is personally one of my favorites.