Teachers’ deserve the praise

This past week was teacher appreciation week. A week where students bring good tidings, thank yous, and plenty of compliments.

Students often talk of their favorite teacher which is what drives them to want to bring foods, cards, and gifts to show their thanks.  Teachers enjoy being appreciated by their students and probably can not wait for it to come back around.

Students don’t always like their teachers but they do seem to have just one that doesn’t make them want to rip their hair out.

“Mr. Hutchinson is my favorite teacher because he listens to my problems, and helps me,” junior Maddie Bordwine said.

Teachers are are use to having problems with their students but one week out of the year they feel appreciated.

“I gave my favorite teacher a blanket for their unborn baby,” junior Rikki Foxworth said.

Teachers and students share humorous and heartwarming experiences together throughout the school year.

“Some of my favorite moments with my favorite teachers is when we would stay after school and work together to figure it out, and whenever I would be working on the school yearbook,” Bordwine said.

Teachers go above and beyond in order to help their students pass their classes and even to have them have a good high school experience.

“My favorite teacher, Mrs. Hensley, would always help me with my work whenever I did not understand what I was supposed to be doing,” junior Alondra Comancho said.

Every year one teacher is awarded the teacher of the year award for appreciation week; Mrs. Thompson was this year’s teacher of the year.

“Mrs. Thompson is a really great and nice teacher.” Comancho said.