The Human Race Faces Increasing Insensitivity

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Before we discover who we are, we are pure, we are not tainted by the world around us, and the growing insensitivity of the human race.

It is nearly impossible for us, as humans, to understand each person that passes us has feelings equally complex as our own.

Even if we know this fact as we knew our names, it is highly unlikely we would pay anymore mind to it or heed their emotion any further than we do now.

In spite of this fact, we are constantly worried about people’s opinions about us. Thus, allowing this growing population to continue to disgrace our creator by disregarding our fellow creations – encompassing everything living that occupies the earth.  

We, as humans, are increasingly showing our alleged lack of respect for our fellow humans with each day that passes; sadly this it not the end, Mother Nature suffers as well.

Imagine you are free from the contamination of the world we know today and you have not the slightest idea of technology or the corruption of the world around us humans – every animal that ever existed.

Imagine a home composed of Mother Nature herself; so green, so beautiful, so undiluted by the poison we call the human race.

Rarely do we think of the other creatures, before we bulldoze their homes – taking, yet again, things that do not belong to us.

Although the progression of the human race is an inevitable, there is an invisible line that human beings need to recognize soon before it becomes too late.

While it may appear to some that there is no saving what has been tarnished, The World Wildlife has a mission “to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.”

This worldwide organization enhances the world around us though the betterment of “forests, oceans, freshwater, wildlife, food, and climate”.

Through forests, the WWF focuses on conserving “the world’s most important forests to sustain nature’s diversity, benefit out climate, and support human well-being”.

Through oceans, they focuses on preserving “a resilient ocean [to] sustain[s] marine life and [a] functioning ecosystem[s] that support rich biodiversity, food security and sustainable livelihoods”.

Although there is not much we can do to better our water, the WWF is working to promote “good water governance, protecting freshwater ecosystems, and managing water resources in a changing climate”.

Through wildlife the WWF can aid in the conservation of the “world’s most iconic species, including tigers, rhinos, and elephants”.

Believe it or not, our food is another resource that is in need of saving. The WWF is working on driving “sustainable food systems to conserve nature and feed humanity”.

Last, but not least, our climate. The WWF is laboring to “create a climate-resilient and zero-carbon world, powered by renewable energy”.

Although it may seem like salvaging what purity we have left and regularly participating in the betterment of our existence on this planet seems like a lot of work or maybe even impossible, it is becoming an increasing necessity.

Unfortunately, with each day that passes we, as a whole, are steadily losing our humanity. We bulldoze Mother Nature, disrespect our fellow humans, and care less with hour.

If we fail to act now or push our responsibility of maintaining a homeostatic balance with the world around us to the back burner, our existence on this planet will inevitably cease to be.