Testing Overload

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Testing time of the year is always a tough time for students, from the Biology STAAR test all the way to  the English Advanced Placement test.

Students stress about their studies all year round and when AP/EOC testing comes around it’s a complete knowledge overload.

Students struggle to recall all of the information from the beginning of the school year to be able to answer information on the test.

“I don’t recall information all that well; I normally just go with my gut and choose what I think is right,” junior Cheyenne Hatcher said.

When a student is done with their test they must sit their until released.

“Sometimes I bring a book and read until everyone is finished, but normally I just sit and eat food while I wait.” Hatcher said.

Most students sleep if they finish their test before the four hours are up.

“I did sleep after my EOC from last week, but I normally don’t.” Hatcher said.

Students normally crave to have their phone to entertain them after their test but the law states that students may not have their electronic belongings until all tests are turned in.

“Yes I do, I mean don’t get me wrong I understand the reason they take it, but just reading an book gets a little boring after awhile and sitting there doing nothing is awkward.” Hatcher said.

This time of the year is normally one of the worst times for students because of the rise in their stress levels.  

“I get really stressed out because I tend to overthink things or my anxiety gets the better of me before major test days,” Hatcher said.

Students often feel they shouldn’t have to learn anything else once they have taken their final exams.

“Well, I’m mixed on this so I am going to say that it depends if there are still things we need to learn then yes we should; it could even help get our grades up. Although if there is nothing left for us to learn in the subject then we shouldn’t be taught the same materials over and over because it attends to get annoying.” Hatcher said.