Starting, Again

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After the longest fourteen years in public school, it is time to press the restart button. The button that will show all graduating students what the real world is like.

“I can’t wait to graduate from high school,” senior Sean Harrington said.

With graduation around the corner, most seniors have mixed emotions about going off into the real world.

“I’m excited about graduating high school this year, but I’m also worried,” senior Gary Johnson said.

Many students know exactly what they will be doing after graduating high school; however, some have no idea what they will do with their lives.

Some seniors have decided to continue to go to school and others have decided to do something else with their lives, besides going back to school.

“I am excited about graduating this year,” senior Trace Doggett said.

Without knowing what they might encounter in college, many seniors have begun to slowly prepare all the necessities for their college or university lives.

“I think college is going to be fun,” Harrington said.

Every senior is counting down the days and minutes left until graduation day. However, with a couple more days on the senior calendar, senioritis has been hitting almost every senior on campus.

Despite that, most seniors  will found the drive they need to complete the rest of their senior year and even their college applications.

“I have spent several months working on college stuff,” Harrington said.

However, there are those seniors who have no idea how to get rid of their senioritis.

“I haven’t spent any time on any college necessities,” Johnson said.

The lack of not having spent any time on college stuff might be a let down when students begin to realize what they are getting their selves into. Going back to school and having to pay a tuition can be difficult for newly, graduated high school students.

“College is too expensive, and somewhat a waste of time,” Johnson said.

Having to restart school in a totally new place can be both exciting and scary, yet the outcome will all be worth it.

“I am scared about starting college, yet very excited,” senior Trace Doggett said.