New Rivalries

UIL Redirects Sports and Academic Opponents

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The smell of chili dogs lingers throughout the stands, while the timer on the scoreboard ticks down to zero. The last few seconds of the game are slowly beginning to tick away, until the final buzzer takes over the stadium to determine the official winner. When the atmosphere is taken over by the roar of the winning fans, rivalries slowly begin to form.

“The new realignment won’t affect our district,” Softball Coach, Sheryl Tamborello said. “It is just going to put us in a new direction.”

Next school year brings new rivalries from the new UiL District Realignment.

“I do think the new realignment next year will affect us in a good and bad way,” Junior, Kassandra Rodriguez said. “But we won’t know that until we give it a try and our best.”

Reclassification of the district happens every two years, which means next year the alignment will be based off of on the schools that are classified as 5A.

“The realignment is such a big deal, because it gives our school a wider range of competitors so our programs can be able to adapt and win against unknown rivals,” Junior, Cheyenne Arnold said.

The new UiL district realignment consists of Magnolia West, Magnolia, Tomball, Tomball Memorial, Waller, Brenham, and Huntsville, and Willis.

Rodriguez said, “I think Willis High School will be the biggest problem.”

While, Arnold said, “Magnolia High School and Brenham High School will give us the biggest problem in sports.”

With Stratford and Spring Woods out of the picture, problems we may of had will subside.

“We will be losing Stratford which is a difficult team, but we will be gaining Willis which is also a difficult team,” Coach Tamborello said.

The new realignment may present new difficulties for our sports and academic UiL competitors, but we will still keep fighting to strive to make history.

“I don’t believe the realignment will affect any of our UiL competitors.” said Coach Tamborello. “However, we will keep going strong, and keep doing us.”