Monkey in the Middle

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It is a tradition that has gone  on since the ancient times; the middle child is dismissed, ignored, irrelevant.

Although, now this practice has been seen in high school, particularly in sophomores – not quite juniors, but more mature and advanced than freshman.

Sophomores at this moment are at the end of their school year.

They are not quite juniors, but are passed the point of being early sophomores which really puts them in an awkward position -in the middle.

It is awkward because sophomores are not freshmen, but they are not juniors either.

Sophomore Angelica Masters feels like she is “in an awkward position because I am not just starting [high school], but there is still a lot of school left.”

Sophomores do not really hold as much power in the school as a junior or senior does, but as Masters describes, “I do not feel like I have as much power as a senior, but I have more influence than freshman.”

Juniors and seniors are applying to colleges and are planning their immediate life, although sophomores are not yet applying to colleges; they still have two more years of high school left.

Juniors, by this time, are about to head into their last year in high school, while sophomores are just getting started.

But some sophomores such as Alyssa Dooley don’t feel that way.

“No, not really I feel pretty much connected with all the classes and the students thanks to volleyball,” Dooley said.

For some, the tenth year is just another year, but for others it has been the most awkward part of high school yet.

Although most will agree with Dooley and her feeling that “there is a lifetime of high school left.”

Sophomore year is the middle child to high school students. It is an awkward time for students as it puts them in a one off category that is difficult to judge in terms of respect and influence among other students.

It gives more power than a freshman though it is still not enough to rival that of a junior or a senior, but unlike being a middle child which lasts for a lifetime, being a sophomore is only a school year.