Nathan Sykes

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Nathan Sykes is a singer-songwriter from England. Some people may recognize him as the youngest member of the British boy band, “The Wanted.”

At age 16 he auditioned for “The Wanted,” which is now on hiatus that started with their last tour. In 2014, the group began pursuing individual music careers.

In 2013, Sykes and Ariana Grande released, “Almost Is Never Enough.” The song is about two people who love each other deeply but are afraid to admit it, so a relationship that could have been did not exist because no one said anything.

Nathan Sykes then signed a record deal with Global Entertainment.

In March 2015, Nathan’s debut his music video, “More Than You’ll Ever Know” on Vevo. The song was inspired by old soul music.

Nathan’s debut single “Kiss Me Quick” was released in July 2015 and also released in the UK via Itunes, while the music video for the song was released in May 2015. The song is about wanting your lover to never leave you and to hold you tight. Sykes debut single reached number one on the U.S dance club chart.

His songs make you want to get up and sing and dance along.

Nathan voice is very different from current artist.