Peer Pressure: Dangerous or not?

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Peer pressure is everywhere. It happens mostly in your tweens, teens, and young adult life.

Peer pressure happens when you want to fit in with a group or impress your peers. There are dangers and different types of peer pressure.

The dangers of peer pressure is low self esteem and drug abuse, alcohol abuse.

The different varieties of peer pressure is; fashion, attitude, social, dating, drugs and bullying.

Low self-satisfaction puts one more at risk for peer pressure. For example, dressing how friends are dressing, changing attitudes, because it is a group of peer’s attitude. It is human nature for teens to want to fit in.

Peer pressure can change your day or your whole life. It matters only how big the situation is.  According to www.redribbon, 75% of 12-17 years old say they are encouraged to party with narcotics or alcohol when they see images of their peers doing it.       

The Receptionist, Mrs. Arnold gets all our information and knows most information about teachers, principals. “[The most popular peer pressure issue to me] is Bullying. Bullying is based on the group of your friends. The second to bullying is alcohol and narcotics,” said Mrs. Arnold.

Junior and High School are the places most for peer pressure because it is the main place you are with your friends.

 A person’s age depends on how peer pressure affects them.  “The ages sometimes starts at 11, 12,13 years old and usually ends at 17 and 18,” Mrs. Arnold said.

  “My advice for kids is, friends think so highly of you. That you go in head first. Your friends they are not thinking of you, So you need to step up, and you need to realize you do not need people like that. Believe it or not there are other people that are better. That actually care about you.”

“You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes,You can steer in any direction you choose!” Dr. Seuss.

You have your own mind and there is not only one way you have to choose there is many directions you can choose that will depend on your future.