Across the seas – Henrique Guimaraes

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Henrique Guimaraes, a young man from Brazil who has been welcomed by students here at Magnolia West High School.

“They have been really great, they are always super interested in learning abou my country,” Guimaraes said.

Learning a new language is one thing, but being fluent is another.

“ I already knew English before I came, but this was my first time speaking it and it was really easy,” Guimaraes said.  

Henrique lives with a host family like most foreign exchange students. Meaning the family makes his apart of the family for the entirety of his stay.

“I have a dad, a mom, three brothers, two sisters, and my best friend is one of them. They are awesome, they are funny, super religious, and we do a lot of activities together,”Guimaraes said.

All in all Henriques experience here has been a good one. He’s learned and experienced a lot.