Across the seas – Heidi Lau Tsz Tung

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There are several foreign exchange students at West.

One, Heidi Lau Tsz Tung from Hong Kong, has traveled from her home country to experience a year in Magnolia, Texas USA.

“So inconvenient without public transportation,” Heidi said.

One difference between Hong Kong and Texas is that public transportation is more prominent in Hong Kong.

Another difference is that academics are “a lot easier,” Heidi said.

Heidi has been welcomed with open arms; allowing Heidi to integrate into an American high school with ease.

“They are so nice,” Heidi said.

Learning a new language can open a person up to new experiences and opportunities. It certainly has for her.

“I [have been] learning English since I was four, so it was just like learning my mother tongue,” Heidi said.

It’s been a great experience for Heidi, from going to Santa’s Wonderland and North Carolina to meeting new people in a new place.