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Emily Page

Unknown artist

Schools, food establishments, and many other public places are constant victims of bathroom writings. Whether it be positive or negative, the vandalism of another’s property rarely meets the standards of morality.

The majority of people tend to write or graffiti vulgar, crude, and/or offensive things. These negative aspects are generally pointed at other people who triggered an adverse effect.

Different things are “written in [the] bathrooms everyday,” Custodian Angie Booth, said. From writings with pens and markers, to drawings of both pleasurable and undesirable gazing; these stalls encompass it all.

However, there are in the the rare in the few that choose to spread their positive message through, this commonly perceived as mischief, graffiti.

Some messages are of ones who wants to give the positive antidote to the hateful virus.  

Just as exposure to the pessimistic aspect of these frequently visited locations can create a domino effect after seen, equally do the optimistic aspects.

There is an estimate of one positive message for every ten hateful messages. Consequently, it is easy to see, those ten people do not understand their effect on those who absorb their detestable words.

Although the majority of students are aware that the custodial staff is whose lap the responsibility of cleanup falls in, the consideration for those few are not taken into account.

While vandalism/graffiti is against the rules, many students disregard this fact as well.

Under the General Conduct Violations on Property Offenses, The Magnolia ISD Code of Conduct states that “students shall not deface or damage school property”.

 While I am not a male, and therefore I can not speak of their bathrooms or use its aspects as a supportive/opposing claim; many people can conclude, no one appreciates hateful comment or drawings.

If you are going to dare to be rebellious, risk your bacon, or go out of your way to deface school property (or any other public place), make it worth it – create a message that is worth the risk and even more so, spreading good will.