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As we journey from one end our lives to the other – from the first steps to the final words – we, as individuals, experience a variety of trials and tribulations in our lives that make us who we are.

As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, life is “the ability to grow, change, etc.,; the period of time when a person is alive; the experience of being alive.”

It is obvious to conclude we grow physically throughout our lives, as we age. It is also obvious to conclude that our beliefs, opinions, and viewpoints alter throughout the course of our lives.

However, while it is obvious, it is sometimes overlooked in our day-to-day lives; we are under a constant metamorphosis and we lack the ability of its recognition.  

We forget to acknowledge our daily evolution; in the sense that we have the ability to wake up each day with a different perception than the preceding one.

Each day is a new day that holds new adventures, new opportunities, new “experiences, and a gift,” Nurse Jennifer Atkinson said.

Different people have different views on what life means to them. While some might forget we have limited time on this earth, others realize that life is “interactions that we have with other people everyday,” Nurse Jennifer Atkinson said; and so much more.

Whether or not some see it as such, “everybody was created for a purpose,”Atkinson said. We are “all here to make some kind of mark.”

For some it will be on other people, or more simply, how they change someone else’s life. From small things, like making someone smile; to big things, like altering the course of one’s life.

The possibilities are endless and the repercussions on that one person could change something-change them. We are all meant to change the world, whether it be big or small.

The only thing left to decipher is how are you are going to make your mark.