Family, Career and Community Leaders Of America

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FCCLA stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.

“The club is mainly about helping people,” sophomore  Madi Adams said.

FCCLA  has had many field trips so far including their Fall Leadership held at Incredible Pizza in Conroe, as well as their Halloween safety to a handful of elementary schools within Magnolia Independent School District .

“I must say that the Halloween Safety was my favorite by far because we had to wear a costume,” said  Adams.

FCCLA is warm and welcoming  and anyone is able to join for a fee of $20 and an additional $20 dollars for a t-shirt.

There is a downside to the club and that is the school does not pay for the field trips and it is up to the members to pay their way. Luckily for those who cannot afford to pay out of pocket, the sponsors, Mrs. Barbara  Gonzalez, Ms.  Carrie Cassata and Mrs. Stephanie Wilkinson, will let you sell candy in order to pay for the trip and to join FCCLA.

“I do plan on joining again because it is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and with the field trips we can meet other members in other smaller towns,” Adams stated.

Most people do join another year and choose  to go to completion

Sports Nutrition, Food Innovation,  Interior Design, Entrepreneurship and  Culinary Arts. are just a few examples of some competitions and   if you make it to nationals in FCCLA, you get your letterman’s jacket  and can proudly walk around the school with it.