Competition season starts

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October 18, 2015
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September 25, 2015

Winterguard, the flag waving, hard working team competed on January 23rd, their first competition of the season. This team earned a decisive 7th out of 10th in their division.

Many obstacles were overcome from last year and congratulations should be given to the director and the team for earning this distinction in the competition.   

The team’s season usually begins around November, and ends in March. Of course, the competitions don’t begin until January.

Most of the members are excited for this season, including sophomore Sierra Ruonavaara. Something she’s looking forward to most this season is “enjoying everyday and getting people that will stick with me. Also, winning is great.”

Something she wants to accomplish this season is being able to do her five and “make sure I don’t drop at a show, and make guard known.”

According to some team members, Winterguard is taken more seriously than band in the state of Texas.

In this sport, it allows you to perform and express your passion better than in the fall.

Ruonavaara truly shows her passion while performing.

“I love the feeling of catching strong and knowing that we all had a kick butt show.”

Something she loves most is the people in guard and how she can trust them.”

Congratulations to the guard!