Youtubers – The Internet Famous

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Over the years, since 2009, there has been a rise in the Youtube industry. Youtube now is no longer a just a place for random or viral videos, it’s now a community where people can communicate virtually through videos.

More and more people everyday are becoming a so called “Youtuber.”

     Youtube is a small, but growing community, niche like no other full of supporters and everything. More people everyday are discovering the internet famous.

     It is the online home for the socially awkward, the secretly talented, and the smart. There are so many people online who deserve to be discovered and watched, and in some cases they do, but in some cases they don’t, and sometimes it’s a shame.

     “Youtuber” and/or “Vloggers” are people who upload daily, weekly, or monthly videos onto youtube. Some even make a living from making content and uploading it depending on the amount of subscribers and views that they receive.

     The content the content that youtubers upload ranges from multiple types such as DIY, beauty, gaming, ect. Some of the most subscribed people on youtube are youtubers such as Pewdiepie (41,829,422 subscribers), Smosh (21,786,697 subscribers), and Jenna Marbles (15,804,502 subscribers).

     Vloggers on the other hand use Youtube as an online blog, but instead of uploading articles about their daily life they upload videos. The word “vlogger” comes from a combination of the word blog and video.

     Vlogs are just simple short clips of what goes on in their everyday (or just on however many days they record & upload) life.

     Some vlogs are very interesting depending on that vloggers editing style is. For instance, Julien Solomita, recently known for the video he shot a couple of months ago about the UFO sighting in Los Angeles.  

     Solomita has a very “sleek” and one of a kind way of editing his vlogs which includes amazing time lapses, music that everyone loves, and just great quality content in general.
     The youtube community is full of supporters for those who are in need of things such help with bullying, body positivity, or just simply trying to get through school. there are many different types of videos/ youtubers that can help with you with just about anything.