Think before you drink

Options are an important aspect in a teenagers life. The vending machines recently installed give students even more options to what they can eat and drink at school. The vending machines are stocked with healthy and nutritional snacks ranging from veggie sticks to Diet Dr.Pepper. This opens a new range not previously available to students.

The vending machines are located in the Athletics Hallway and in the commons area. The vending machines have been long awaited by students such as Amanda Cornell who says the vending machine give “more options and freedom to students.”

Sophomore Veronica Pecina said, “The vending machines give students more selection over what they chose to eat and creates a better attitude within the school as a whole.”

Although they aren’t met without opposition as also stated by Pecina, “The vending machines have their flaws,” being recently reported such as the machines taking a students money yet not giving what was purchased back.

Among the notable cons to the recent additions to the schools nutritional program is that the vending machines give back dollar coins as change. Now this could be viewed two ways: incredibly awesome or incredibly annoying.

“It gives out these Chucky Cheese coins, that’s annoying,” says freshman Faith Moreau.

Secondly, as stated by Moreau, “When they get stuck in the machine” beating on a vending machine isn’t the most appropriate thing, and wouldn’t be advised.

Lastly the minimal options of snacks.

“I think they should upgrade them to not just water and low calorie snacks,” states Drew Thompson.

And that’s agreed upon by several sources. Especially seeing as diet drinks are actually worse for the human body than normal soda. According to, diet drinks actually can lead to an increased risk of diabetes Think before you drink. Now that’s something to think about.

Over all, the vending machines have seen a positive response. Maybe not for your health, but satisfying hunger.