Life of an artist

Alison Norwood , Staff Writer

Art students spend weeks coming up with ideas to use for the Rodeo Art competition. Students such as freshman, Ryan Rummage, who placed higher than anyone else in the school this year.

Rummage’s work earned a blue ribbon in this year’s show and many compliments as well. Her colored pencil drawing is beautifully done and almost looks like it could be an actual photograph.

“My inspiration was the two horses and the girl in the drawing, me,” Rummage said.

In Rummage’s drawing the brown horse seems upset that the white horse is getting all the attention.

“The brown horse, Rusty, is sad, and the white one, Tontoe, is getting all the attention. This is what links to the title “My turn?” Rummage said.

Rummage feels that rodeo art shows others the love of country they have.

“Rodeo art to me is showing the love we have for art and the country, our world is advancing to higher technology so it’s nice to see the love and all the people who still love the country style,” Rummage said.

“My favorite part of Rodeo art is drawing and seeing artwork that tells a story and has a lot of detail,” Rummage said. “Also others looking at my work and [staring] in amazement.”

Rummage not only draws for school competitions, but also does lots of drawing outside of school.

“I do a lot of art in the summer and sometimes sell them,” Rummage said.

Other art competitions such as Vase are upcoming this semester and Rummage says she will be participating in not only the Vase competition, but the Spring Art Show as well.

Rummage also plans on doing Rodeo art next year, but is unsure on her piece for next year.

“I’m definitely doing Rodeo Art next year, but [I’m] not sure what I’m going to do,” Rummage said.