Mustang Theater

“Life is pandemonium,” as stated in the past musical here at West, and it certainly is. Especially during this musical. It follows a few characters as they compete in a spelling bee! With exciting musical numbers, and audience interaction.

“It’s less about the storyline and more about the backstory of the characters; and how the americanized idea of perfection affects kids.” States Andrew Russell.

This year Mustang Theatre put on a hilarious, fun, and inviting musical called the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Where even the audience participates in an interesting way; a few audience members are actual spellers in the bee! Anything could happen. ANYTHING.

Theatre director, Andrew Russell couldn’t be more excited for the positive feedback.  

“The response has been mostly positive. Which is funny to hear from a person that is a bit of a perfectionist,” says Russell.

Tech is one of the most important parts of the show. Without these few, the actors would be performing in the dark; you wouldn’t be able to see or hear them.

“Seeing as it’s my first time doing tech in a show, tech plays a huge role,” says Junior Maryalice Morris.

      The show ran from January 21 through the January 23.