Fear for your life

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Imagine the inevitable – life and death. The inevitable reality that each moment passes you by, until now, will mean almost nothing to those who fill this world alongside you.

Imagine your fight is over and you have yet to make your mark on the battlefield of life. The sinking feeling that you will not accomplish a fraction of what you want to – of what you could have done.

Most people wait to live like they are dying until their skin loses its elasticity, gray hair takes the place of what was once brown or blonde, bones turn brittle, and your body begins to ache. However, we are all dying, no matter the age or condition.

We are lesser than the day before; we are older than the previous day. With each new day we lose the preceding one to time; it will forever remain as a seized coordinate on a plane of the indefinite progression of existence – time we never get back.

In some cases it can seem difficult to relish each moment because some may have yet to experience the true value of each passing moment. “You never know when your time is up, you have to appreciate every moment you have,” Counselor Laura Cunningham said.

As beautifully said by Edgar Allan Poe, “words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”

Until one has been put in a specific predicament to develop the capacity to truly appreciate each moment for what it is, it may be incorrigible for that individual’s perception.     

As humans, it is easy to forget what is most important in life or we might unconsciously “take for granted being alive,” Counselor Laura Cunningham said.

It is a constant grapple for the mindfulness of each passing moment. We are not promised the preceding second.

In short, we must fully savor each incredibly brief period of time and accept it for what it is. We never know when our time is up – we never know when our last moment will come. Live each moment as it were your last, because we are all infinitely in the dark on our own imminent demise.