Rodeo Art Time

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Abigayle Spear

Magnolia West Student Ryan Rummage’s entry for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Contest.

Texas state students prepare themselves and their artwork for the Houston Rodeo Art Contest. The competition is a way for students to show off their art skills and possibly earn money for scholarships.

Rodeo Art presents, “opportunity for all Texas students to create an original piece of art and have it be seen by their school,”  Art teacher Mrs. Regina Michaels said.

The competition is a great way for students to show their creative side and allows everyone to demonstrate their “different perspective,” says senior Madi Ledesma.

Students  create a variety of different artworks for this competition. One such piece titled, “Slim Jim” is drawn by Ledesma herself.

“Slim Jim” is a colored pencil drawing of Ledesma’s “younger brother as a cowboy eating a Slim Jim while relaxing under a tree while the sun sets,” she says and that is “where it got it’s title.”  

Ledesma’s artwork, along with everyone else’s is judged based on “original composition, and quality skills,” Michaels said.

Her students have “ worked hard at creating original and quality work.”

Other participants in the Rodeo art  competition are 9th grader Arley Garcia, 11th grade Justin Apostolo, 9th grade Ryan Rummage, 11th grade Lauryn Johnson, 9th grade Katey Fougeron, and 9th grade Lexi Vega.

The Rodeo Art competition is a good way to earn scholarship money for college. Young artists enter into a contest to see if their artwork will be selected for the final auction.

This selection process is where the best of the best go to be bidded on by potential buyers at NRG Convention Center.

The few pieces selected for this auction have a guaranteed set amount of money. The Grand Champ earns a guarantee of $28,000 while the Reserve Grand Champion earns a guarantee of $14,000.

Class Champions earn a guaranteed amount of $5,500 and the Reserve Class Champions earn a guarantee of $4,500.

All the remaining places earn a guaranteed $1,500.  The guaranteed amounts are the possible minimums, but the money earned during bidding could be much higher than those guaranteed amounts.