What is IB?

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    The opportunity to graduate with twenty-four plus hours of college credit, worth upwards of $8,000 in college classes is now at school; universities across the world accept IB credit and IB diplomas.

    Texas public colleges and universities across the state accept IB diplomas for college credit. Public colleges and universities are required by state to grant a minimum of twentyfour credit hours for all IB diploma holders.

    This is the first year where the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is apart of West. Coach Day is the IB coordinator and has set up a parent night, Thursday January 28th at 7:00 pm in the library to answer any and all questions.

    “[We] are waiting on final approval from the IB Program,” government and economics teacher Jeremy Day said.

    Scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2016, the IB Diploma Program is accepting anyone wanting to be a part of the prestigious academic plan regardless of their background.

    “We aren’t trying to change anyone’s beliefs, we’re trying to strengthen them,” The IB program is for juniors and seniors offering nine core classes and two electives.

    “I think it is going to help shape the culture of our school. I hope having a group of students that are driven academically, will help lift the boat . . . and achieve greatness,” Day said.

    The rate of graduation has risen dramatically since being introduced to schools across the nation. IB is structured differently than normal AP classes, instead teaching students one way of thinking it allows them to see different perspectives and different ways of thinking.

    “I’m hoping [it] opens their eyes to the rest of the world and why these problems exist and how [they] can solve them,” Day said.

    “[I think the students] are going to love that it’s different. they’re going to struggle but be challenged,” said Coach Day.

    Everyone involved has high hopes for the first year West has implemented IB.