Nathan Sykes: Kiss Me Quick

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September 22, 2015

If you like artists like John Legend, Sam Smith and Justin Timberlake, you should probably take a look into Nathan Sykes new music.

His new album is a mix of slow and upbeat R&B/Pop love songs. There’s a total of four tracks on the album, all worth the listen.

Nathan Sykes is best known for being a vocalist in the British boy band, “The Wanted.”

Earlier in 2015 Nathan released his new EP “Kiss Me Quick” which is featuring R&B/Pop songs. This is his first solo album since being in the boy band.

While Nathan’s songs are very catchy and fun, his lyrics are a little cliche.

Most songs on his EP are very repetitive and there’s nothing really creative or brilliant about the lyrics.

Though Nathan’s songs may not have the most creative lyrics, they’re still fun to listen to and his style of music is what comes off to be a little different.

You couldn’t call his work in “The Wanted” anything similar to his solo work.

Overall I like the EP, he did a good job and his vocals are amazing. I see a lot of potential in him to become one of the top artists today due to the uniqueness and vocal range he possesses.

I hope to see a full album out from him in the future!