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May 16, 2016
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October 16, 2015

Majority of us see them as the drama, commotion causing, stuck-up people around the school causing a whirlpool of bad things to happen and you wonder if you would ever get something good in return.

Some people believe that popularity is just an enormous cesspool of drama and trouble making people.

Popularity can crush you as a person. you will constantly be under the pressure of being looked upon, constantly keeping up with your social life, and trying to keep your title of a “perfect” person.

Seeming like a perfect person can result in bullying other people because they seem like less of a person than you. Confidence is knowing you’re an awesome person, coincided with thinking you’re better than everyone else.

The pressure of popularity is great and can cause things like depression, mental breakdowns, and stress.

Some people depend on popularity so much that they would feel like they’re nobody if they got “kicked” out of their popularity group. Popularity can cripple your self esteem by feeling like you are not good enough.

It can lead to poor decisions which could later result in complications such as drug addictions, alcohol, and criminal activity.

In some cases popularity can be very beneficial to some, but it depends on how you handle things like large amounts of attention and such. Popularity can bring in good things like making you a brave person and take big risks and unnecessary chances.

It can make you a confident person and make you feel better about yourself, and it can also help you get use to being around large groups of people without getting social anxiety.

There are perks of being popular such as gaining confidence quickly by feeling like a “perfect” person but in some cases popularity is not the best choice when you’re in school; it’s better to stay out of popularity than to be in it.

Staying out of the ‘it’ crowd can save you time, keep you away from mind numbing drama, and make you a happier person.

Popularity will most likely mean nothing by the time you get out of high school and are into college; you can’t  put popularity on your college application.

Popularity can change people in good or bad ways, it can make you a confident, brave, outgoing person, or it can make you a depressed, troubled, problematic person it all depends on how you handle things.