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My first thought of Selena’s single Same Old Love, was Wow! It catches your attention right from the start.

The music itself is good, but her voice makes it even better.

Selena’s vocals changed over the years as she began to mature.

Same Old Love just makes you want to sing along.

With the topic of her new album Revival, “What I’ve learned is so vital… more than just survival… this is my revival,”Selena Gomez said.

Many pop artists say their new album is, at most, personal, yet, in showing off the deeper side of her voice, Selena seems to mean it with her new album Revival.

“Selena is very well on Her way to become a force to be reckoned with-in the pop genre,” according to A Bit Of Pop Music.

Same Old Love is the 1st single and music video from Selena forthcoming album Revival, due to be released October 9.

Her hit song is the follow up to this summer’s slow-burner Good For You.

Gomez delivers a fiesty break-up anthem that borrows some energy from co-writer Charli XCX.

Some people think it’s  the same old pop song; I promise you this is not.