Motivation is key

Being a football player is having commitment and dedication to the sport.

The love of the football drives players to put their bodies through practicing and tackling. Hitting is a key factor to football because if you do not hit the opposing team players will score.

“Having a team full of players who are motivational can get the job done,” freshman Luke Huffman said.  

The key to having a good team is players trying their hardest and being motivated by coaches that can get their players to go 100% and win games.

This type of coach is a good kind because not just one coach can make a team function. Teams need a lot of coaches who are motivated and good at what they do to help a team succeed.

“The goal of the sport is teamwork.You can’t win a game with just one player so you need to have all eleven players working together.  At the end of the day all that matters is winning the game,” sophomore Kory Owens said.