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When the weather changes sometimes our moods change with it.

For example, when the temperature rises so do our tempers, and when the temperature drops we feel lazy and just want to sit around all day.

We can’t really help how we feel it just comes naturally.

“When the weather turns cold I feel more lazy, I just want to stay in my bed all day,” freshman Casey Poveda said. “Especially when it rains it’s ten times worse!”

But maybe not just the weather can change our moods, a full moon can maybe also affect us?

There has always been that tall tale that when a full moon is out ‘things’ happen. But can a full moon really affect a person?

“I’ve never really felt any affect from a full moon before but it does kind of make me more hyper when I know there is a full moon but that’s really about it,” freshman Elizabeth Dunlap said.

So we may change moods from different things, we all might not feel that same effect and it might not even affect a person at all! But weather is a powerful thing and you shouldn’t be surprised when you become affected by it!