Fish Frenzies

Coming through the huge doors to high school would be intimidating for any student.  

Being a freshman in high school, the first day of school is like a hurricane of emotions where you feel like it is suppose to be a bad day, as everyone tells you, but sometimes it winds up being a pretty good start.  

Dolores Rios, freshman, describes herself as a very insecure student, who felt high school would be very different from what actually is.

“This year is actually good, well at least better than last year,” Rios said.  “I feel great because I have more friends.” 

After all those negative thoughts she had during the weekend, then finally Monday was here.

She thought she was starting school on Tuesday but she didn’t.

“Well my first day was surprising and kinda intimidating  because the school is huge and I started a day that I wasn’t expecting,”Rios said “but after seeing my friends i felt more comfortable.”

Most of freshman sacrifice their grades for their social life just to make friends and “be cool” but Rios doesn’t.

“I think school is more important and I’m trying to be better this year.” Rios said.

Some students says that high school is harder and Rios has very good grades but  she think this year is really hard, “It is pretty hard but I’ll get through it.”Rios said.

Dolores has complain about dress code and school rules her whole life but she actually likes this school’s rules.  

“It doesn’t bother me at all because they are less strict but yeah sometimes they over exaggerate,”Rios said.

She does like being a freshman but what she doesn’t like is that juniors and seniors feel like they are better than us.

“They just make it harder,being a freshman in a new building, and everything, and calling us names like ‘fish’ and ‘baby’,”Rios said.

The hardest thing for freshman is different teachers, grades, harder classes, different people, different building, or everything that goes with being in high school.  But she really does not care about that,

“Its kinda intimidating,the big building and everything, classes are hard but not that much,”Rios said.”Hard for me is have to wait three more years to get out of high school.”