Life after high school?

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Fourth and final, here we go Seniors! Have you thought about where you are going when this final play is over and done with?

Most Seniors have had their play mapped out for quite some time, while others might just now be hopping on the ball.

Whether you have had your entire life planned since you could talk or are a master procrastinator, now is the time to start thinking where will you go? What does life after high school have in store for you?

The possibilities are endless; however most will go to college, the workforce, traveling, or the military.

Senior Jessica Quast, wants to “major in psychology,” in the hopes of one day being able “to help people.”

Just as high school is a stepping stone, for some college might be as well, allowing other doors in life to open.

Senior Wesley Wild’s objective is just this: to join the “army special forces” and “go see the world.”

Perhaps college is in fact the next stage in life for some. 

For Senior Jonathan Elster, after excelling in his preferred field, he plans to become a “researcher at a university or college.”

While college is not for everyone straight out out high school, some individuals might find those “other doors,” such as the workforce.

Senior Nathen Wiley  is anticipating to go “into the workforce selling insurance.”

Thus granting him his greatest excitement, in regards to graduation, “being able to have a full time job”; as well as leaving behind the less favorable “school food.”

As Seniors, only months away of becoming a functional and productive member of society, we must have a plan, although they might not always go as expected-a word from the wise is always helpful.

A word from the wise-Assistant Principal, Mr. Anderson, who went “straight into college” out of high school knows you must “work hard to graduate.”

There are no shortcuts in life and must take this time to prepare.

Take these last few months, as Seniors, to prepare ourselves and come to the realization, the rest of our life is upon us. We can go anywhere we want from here and we can do anything we set our minds to.

The sky is the limit- so from here we will soar.