Dreaming Big

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To Wear or Not To Wear
October 5, 2015

Disney has been a very popular franchise since the 1920’s. Many of the first characters include: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Pete, and of

course Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Many children’s dreams are to visit Disneyland and Disneyworld and experience a magical feeling with all the disney characters to make  the

visit more of a once in a lifetime experience. Which Disney character would you be?

Sophomore Alejandro Turrubiartes or “Alex,” looks at the movie Cinderella as his inspired disney character.

“I would be Prince Charming, because he never stopped searching for Cinderella,” Alex said.

Junior Alondra Camacho has always been fascinated by Princess Ariel and her ability to live underwater and still rule Atlantica.

“I would be Ariel, because I like to swim a lot and be underwater,”  Camacho said.

Senior Emily Ponce looks up to Peter Pan as her inspiration for never growing up.

“I would be Peter Pan, why grow up too fast when you could live in Neverland and never have to do adult things?” Ponce said.

Sophomore Emilinda Ponce’s inspired Disney character would be “Beast” from Beauty and the Beast.

Beast would be my inspired character, people tend to judge him at first glance; they don’t end up liking him until the end of the movie.

Plus why judge a book by it’s cover.” Ponce said.