Perfect – Not

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A perfect learning environment is a controversial goal school systems strive to achieve. Every year policies are put in place in hopes of improving education for children’s benefit.

Rules and regulations help to contribute to a fairer system.  

If they, the school system, only knew a “perfect” learning environment does not exist. Ideal? Maybe. Perfect? Not at all.

“There will always be a distraction”. Anything from the ticking noise of the clock to the room color. Or even “a train in the background can distract some people,” sophomore Allyson Spottswood agrees.

Sometimes it’s not the actual environment itself, but it could be the person having something major going on in their life such as a loss of a special person, losing their home, or even nothing happens to be in the cupboard.

A bad day, depression, stressed home life, or even a monumentally bad day can completely get someone unfocused.

People aren’t perfect, therefore an environment in which they learn will not be either.

It is as simple as that.

On the other hand, we should not stop trying to improve the educational environment we put students into to learn.

Educators and administrators should strive for idealism, not perfection.

Because perfection, true perfection, does not exist in this case.