Campus Duty

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October 20, 2015
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October 14, 2015

Police officers stationed at high schools became a fixture in the early 1990’s.  Despite numerous incidents involving students, officers in uniform occupy a place in all high schools across the country.  

Police officers Downey and Park work hard to maintain the peace at Magnolia West High School, to keep students under control and help keep the school at peace.

“When I became a Police Officer the only position they had open was a high school position. At first  I wasn’t sure. But when I started working through the years I enjoyed helping students and correcting students by their mistakes,” Officer Downey said, with a big smile.

Mistakes mean students fighting, bringing drugs to school, and the most trouble of all is those students who do not show respect towards adults on campus.

“This is my first year to patrol a high school, but to me the Biggest problem in high school is lack of respect towards officers, teachers and students,” Officer Park said.  “The biggest trouble this year is no self discipline.”

Self discipline is to show discipline for one to demonstrate self improvement.

Part of an officer’s’ job is talking to parents and in order to get students to help improve their actions, attitude, and to make the right choices.

“Usually when students act up during classes, We just pull the students or student out, ask them what’s going on? Why are you doing this? and what they usually do is go back to class if they don’t fix their behavior we bring them to the office,” Officer Downey said.

Our campus officers help with all kinds of predicaments and help students to improve their actions to create a positive climate when leaving high school and begin to live new lives.

Associate Principal Mr. James Dristas serves as the campus behavior coordinator with the assistant of Mr. James Fojt, Assistant Principal.  

“There’s always that 10% out of a high school that are the ‘bad kids.’  But I think the biggest problem is finding the consequences to fix the problem,” said Mr. Fojt.