Make-up: To enhance or to hide

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Ever since the times of the ancient Egyptians, humans have been putting anything and everything on their bodies in an attempt to boost physical appearances. Even today, we have multitudes of special products and procedures to change the way somebody looks.

However, not everybody views makeup as an enhancer, they view it as a veil, used only to hide yourself.

If you have never touched makeup before, the eyes is a good place to start. Eyeliner can change your face from dreary to fetching.

¨Eyeliner fully accentuates my eyes and makes my entire face less dull…¨ Jada Hernandez said. Also, if you add a bit of white to the bottom water-line, it gives the illusion of a larger eye because it extends the white of the eye further down.

Even if you use make-up everyday, you might not know about Bronzer, it is typically overlooked because it can make your face disastrous if used in the wrong way.

Bronzer is meant to reconstruct the shape of your face by tweaking the shadows, a small line of Bronzer on each side of your nose (when blended down the arch) will make your nose appear much smaller, due to the additional shading.

Another thing to note is that bronzer is best used in small doses, using too much can end up making somebody look like a cartoon character, but when used correctly, it can redefine your views on makeup.

Aside from the great things makeup can be used for, not everybody chooses to take advantage of this resource. Some individuals have obtained the tenacity to show their face – unenhanced – to the world, these people understand some of the moral downsides of makeup. It is sometimes seen as dishonest, like false-advertising, it isn’t right to make the preview more appealing than the tangible product.

Alternatively, society portrays makeup as a necessity rather than a luxury, “Makeup isn’t actually as important as everybody seems to believe,” an anonymous high schooler said.

Little girls grow up with the notion that makeup is made to make you prettier, but in actuality, it doesn’t serve to make you better – just different.