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Going Solo
January 29, 2016
November 6, 2015

High school. Scary right? Especially if you’re a freshman. Getting shoved in lockers or pushed around the hallways can be some of the things students foresee the first few days of the new school year. Or is it really all that bad?

“Honestly the only thing I was worried about was getting lost, my mind wasn’t really focused on anything else,” freshman Noemi Barcenes said. “I didn’t really expect to be picked on or anything at all.”

Maybe it’s the movies that make going to high school out to be something it’s not?

“I think movies kind of scare us. Mostly in teenage movies high school is made out to be a bad and scary place, when in reality high school is fun,” freshman Jacqui Leal said.

Being a freshman comes with responsibilities which were not given to students in junior high.  

Choosing electives which can help your future is one of the few responsibilities given to new students along with trying to take care of a Grade Point Average and the challenge of keeping grades as high as possible to be selected as a top student for that desired college.  

“You walk into school on the first day of freshman year and you expect to get picked on. It was the total opposite, everyone just minds their own business,” freshman Edith Garcia said.

High school is not what it’s made out to be, intimidating yes, but a place where each student begins their race to becoming an adult.  

High school is really the place where you can be yourself and not worry about anything else.

New students should not be scared of going to high school. Its their last 4 years of school, and they need to enjoy every minute of it.

“For freshman next year, they shouldn’t worry about anything. They should enjoy their freshman year and not worry about anything,” Leal said.