Do Gender Roles Still Exist?

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With the beginning of the new century, roles for men and women have changed dramatically.  Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do something just because of your gender? Has anyone told you that you have to or can’t like something because of it? Everyone has fallen victim to gender stereotypes whether they know it or not.

Gender stereotypes are placed on a child as soon as they are born. They’re given blue or pink onesies and diapers with princesses or cars on them.  Little boys are given trucks and action figures while girls are handed dolls and dresses.

Toddlers have already become accustomed to the idea that girls stay home, take care of the children, do housework, and have dinner ready by the time their husband comes home from work. They know that boys are meant to provide for their family and do the “dirty” jobs around the house; like fixing things, taking out the trash, and cutting the grass.

The worldly view of a man is someone who is very masculine, someone who provides, someone who is fit, sporty, likes cars, plays video games, and hates shopping. Men are told to disregard any feelings they may have, they are supposed to be like stone.

Men are taught from a very young age not to cry, not to like pink, dolls, or princesses. Men are burdened with the responsibility to make the first move in a potentially romantic relationship. They are told to “suck it up” or “be a man,” when they are rejected by a girl.

Since they were toddlers who fell and scraped their knee they were told that crying is for girls and “you aren’t a man if you cry.” Crying is the body’s response to physical and mental pain, there is nothing wrong with it.

 As a woman you are expected to be shy, passive, indecisive, and submissive. Growing up as a girl you are taught that the women are weaker and are rescued or saved by men. Girls are told to never pursue a boy they like.

They can’t ask out the boy, the boy is supposed to ask out them. Girls are never supposed to make the first move, that’s the boys job. Women are taught from a very young age not to be confident in themselves, they are forced into the “forms of a proper woman.” The list goes on, and on, and on, and on.  

Gender stereotypes are a mold that almost no one conforms to. Everyone is different. Some girls like trucks and their favorite color is blue, some girls are terrible cooks or don’t want kids. Some boys like to dress up and feel good about themselves, some boys enjoy playing with dolls and creating a make-believe world for them. People like things that may not meet the gender expectations, and that is normal, everyone is their own individual and should be able to figure themselves out without feeling like they gave to fit a certain mold.