To Wear or Not To Wear

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Dreaming Big
October 21, 2015

Accessories vary from person to person. Boys find snapbacks or ball caps one accessory to complete their look, while girls have to have the right shoes with the right shirt, and the right pants with the right jewelry. I can be very exhausting having to deal with all the right coordination according to the fine rules of fashion, but at the end it feels good to feel good and confident about yourself.

What makes a person desire accessories? Crystal Coronel, soccer coach and history teacher, looks to the stars of Hollywood as her inspiration for her fashion sense

“Sophia Vegara, her look is sophisticated and classy,” Coronel said.

Zoie Hunter junior, describes herself as “Over the top” and “Entertaining.” One accessory she can not live without is an item given to her by a very good friend.

“My necklace, because it has sentimental value as well as fashion value,” She said.

Senior Jacquelin Orta or “Jackie” eighteen, and is the oldest of four siblings. One accessory she can not live without is something she wears everyday.

“Gauges are the accessory I cannot live without. if I don’t keep them in they will end up closing”, Orta said.

Senior Zahkyla Sheriff, very “artistic” and a passionate artist with a very good hand when it comes to drawing, has an item she cannot live without.

“My necklace, I feel like something is missing when I don’t have it on,”Sheriff said.

Senior Sophia Miranda, soccer player, and very short, has always had a passion for athletics and really enjoys competitive sports.Besides her athletic side, she also has a simple and casual fashion sense, she describes her style to be “Simple” and “Comfy.”

My earrings, even though I have a casual style adding a nice pair of earring will simply add a little chic,” Miranda said when replying about her fashion accessory necessity.