Replacement Teachers

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Teenagers do not respect substitute teachers. There have been recent reports and cases of disrespect escalating to physical abuse.  

According to past statistic, 1 in 9 substitute teachers working towards a full-time position quit trying due to the unruly students.

The question is, why do these substitutes tolerate all the hatred and disrespect? The answer to that question lies beyond money and ventures into the realm of personal values.

“To me, it’s more than just the pay,” Mrs. Brooks said, a substitute teacher.

For most, it is a passion for the children, she added.

“After not working for several years I had decided that I had wanted to be around children again … I really enjoy kids,” an anonymous substitute said.

The drive that these individuals have for children is magnificent, giving up a life of possibilities all to mold the future citizens of the world. Although these substitute teachers predominantly care for the children, the opposite proves false.

Students have come to the foolish conclusion that substitutes are on a lower societal rung than themselves, or their regular teacher.

This belief leads to outbursts of disrespect, and sometimes even violence. Even though the majority of substitutes have a genuine passion for the students, some don’t. There will always be the individuals who do not take their job seriously.

There is a saying that goes Substitute teachers are glorified babysitters, and that is not an entire lie. Certain individuals aspire to become substitute teachers specifically for the benefits and small workload  or consider it an easy job – not.