What makes yoU-nique?

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What makes yoU-nique?
October 18, 2015
What makes yoU-nique?

Daniella Canseco is a songwriter.
What inspired her was reading a poem in the third grade.

The way it was written was “..beautiful and soul touching.” Then she started paying more attention to words in songs, poems, and writing. After a while of being touched by certain words she came to the point where she said to herself that she could do that too if she really wanted to.

She can see herself having her own recording business in the future. She had a realization she wants to go to college and major in music.
Her favorite part of songwriting is  “When I finish a song I’ve been working on for a while and I get that feeling of accomplishment knowing that I did that.”

Some advice she has for those aspiring to write is to “Analyze everything you come in contact with, become an eavesdropper (so pay extra attention to what people say, even if they aren’t talking to you) and just be really observant,” she said.

“And when you listen to music, pull it apart, and figure out why certain genres or songs make you feel the way you do and use that as inspiration. And whenever you have a thought, write it down, even if you think it’s really stupid.”