Some Things Never Change

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Knowledge -the once free range, indescribable by mundane terms, incomprehensible by humans-  has “evolved” into a summary measurement of key facts and memorized “answers,” but how much of that knowledge is actually relevant; and is its’ measurement a true and just summation of comprehension or is it simply humanity’s way of understanding the inconceivable?

High School education has without a doubt become the most crucially instructive cultivation of knowledge, ultimately paving the foundation for every young adult’s life. This delightful experience -high school- is not only a highly evolved mechanism of adult guidance and student interaction, but also offers a series of courses that will undoubtedly prepare young adults for the real world.

High school is essentially the basis for creating enthusiasm for learning, preparing the current generation to be the next world leaders and allowing individuals to be completely defined by a single number.

Every morning students prepare themselves by packing the day’s must-haves. These items commonly include: a number of extremely important 20 pound books, plenty of notebook paper, the previous days completed homework and a plethora of freshly sharpened pencils.

Students appear to consistently come prepared, due to their infatuation with academic work and undying ambition to not be a complete failure.

High school students truly value the golden opportunity of education and have proved themselves more than eager on those occasions of schooling.

Today’s classmen will indisputably have the ability to harness the ever changing world and become productive and responsible citizens, which can all be credited to their exceedingly advantageous high school education.

Students ultimately have the capacity to efficiently accomplish tasks and adequately govern themselves, while developing ethical behavior and being able to make morally sound decisions.

These desperately needed traits are all acquired through the four short years of high school and will continue to shape these immaculately designed headmen.

The grading system is yet another well developed exemplary device that is used to define an individual, solely by one number. This number ultimately determines a student’s success or complete failure at the end of the four year high school period. These numbers are assigned to each student, based on their ability to cram study the night before a test or sneakily peek at their phone while the teacher is preoccupied.

In its’ glorious entirety, the high school education system is a flawless layout of thoroughly planned courses and tasks, ultimately designed to assist and better students in becoming constructively profitable individuals within society.

Without this crucial time for development, young adults might fail to succeed in life at all, and without a high school education, individuals would not have the appropriate tools needed to succeed in life, in which case would inevitably lead to their own non-fulfilling washout.

Those who are deprived of these miraculous opportunities, will inescapably be at the mercy of their own comprehension.