Softball Continues Streak

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As the school year is coming to an end, many students stopped worrying about their grades and gave up on school. As for the softball team? Well let’s just say their effort is above the maximum limit.

The 16-7 Magnolia West Mustangs are first in their district and are destroying their way through the playoffs. While beating Yates 14-0 in round one and Bryan 12-1 in round two, the Mustangs are going on to play 14-11 Tomball Memorial in round three.

“We have to work the game one pitch at a time” says senior softball player Regan Trent. “We’ve been hitting the weight room, practicing until 5, and doing whatever it takes to get live pitching in this soggy weather.”

The Mustangs did not anticipate what will happen later in the game on Thursday night. By staying focused and playing one pitch at a time, the Mustangs were able to beat Memorial 2-1. The weather was humid and wet but that would not stop the Mustangs from winning.

As the seniors enter round three, they will do whatever it takes to make it to the state championship game. While providing leadership, the senior Mustangs will lead the way for the rising underclassmen.

With Magnolia West struggling at batting, their effort and determination to win helped them overcome the obstacle and sneak away with the victory. In order for the Mustangs to win again Friday night, all of the girls must bring their A game. Tomball Memorial did not take losing lightly and plan shutting the Mustangs out in the second game.